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Dental Crown

This 22-year-old man lost a crown. We were able to match the other teeth and block out the unsightly metal to restore his confidence and smile.

Porcelain Veneers & Crowns

Multiple porcelain veneers and crowns transformed 58-year-old Mrs. G’s dark and mismatched teeth to a smile she has wanted her whole life. She told us her friends and family love her new smile and are asking how they can also improve their smile. 

Veneers – Upper and Lower

(# 7-10 & 24-25)

Porcelain veneers and orthodontics helped this 29-year-old man be able to smile again and regain his confidence. He lived with fractured teeth for years following a major auto accident.


10 months of Invisalign is all that was needed for this 35-year-old mother of 2 to achieve the smile and bite she always wanted. She hated the large spaces and splayed teeth but did not know how to correct them. With Invisalign, we were able to help her smile again.


Less than 5 months of Invisalign helped this 45-year-old man achieve his dream smile after relapsing from childhood braces.


(# 8 & 9)

Porcelain veneers restored this 55-year-old man’s beautiful smile following an accident at the gym. Now his smile is brighter than ever!

Porcelain Crowns & Root Canal

(# 8 & 9)

This 59-year-old woman was in an accident that broke multiple bones, teeth, and lacerations to the face and scalp. In 3 weeks we were able to restore her smile with porcelain crowns and root canal treatment on her front teeth. She is now able to smile and has had a near-complete recovery!


Only 5 months with Invisalign corrected spaces for this lovely 40-year-old woman. The spaces were closed and she is extremely happy with the result!

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